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Purchase does not include the original bottle. The original perfume is rebottled into smaller bottles by Testit LLC

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Discover the Pure Essence of Blanche by Byredo with Testit's Exclusive Decants

Immerse yourself in the poetic symphony of Blanche by Byredo, an exquisite fragrance for women that paints an olfactory masterpiece inspired by the pristine and virginal hue of white. 🌼🌱 This luxurious fragrance begins its sonnet with the crisp innocence of aldehydes and white roses, whispering secrets of a heart filled with neroli, peony, and violet, and culminating in a tender embrace of blonde woods and sandalwood. Blanche is not merely a premium perfume; it's a delicate confession of purity, an intimate glimpse into a serene dreamscape.

Embark on an exploration of Blanche by Byredo's elegant perfume without tether, with our 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, and 9ml decants, a canvas upon which you can sketch your scent memories and desires. Whether you're a connoisseur of Byredo's olfactory gallery or a curious wanderer stepping into this realm for the first time, our artisanal perfume samples are your personal invitation to traverse the sophisticated and minimalist world of Byredo Fragrances with reverence and wonder.

  • Ethereal Purity: A delicate tapestry woven with notes of white roses, peony, and sandalwood, Blanche by Byredo is a confession of serene innocence.
  • Olfactory Composition:
    • Top Notes: The crisp innocence of aldehydes and fresh white roses, a gentle introduction to a poetic journey.
    • Heart Notes: A blooming romance of neroli, peony, and violet, the core of Blanche's ethereal narrative.
    • Base Notes: The comforting embrace of blonde woods and sandalwood, a tender finale to a serene dreamscape.
  • For the Poetic Soul: Conceived for women who find solace in the whispers of elegance and the subtle language of scent.
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