Keep your pocket filled with 15, 30, 90, or 177 sprays of your favorite perfume

Without a doubt, the aroma of a great perfume can entice everyone within arm's reach. Finding a fragrance that complements your natural aroma, however, might be difficult. How can you shop for your favorite fragrance with confidence? Genuine high-end fragrances are provided by Testit who hand-decants them into sample amounts so you can be certain a scent is ideal before spending a lot of money on a large bottle.


In our men's collection we offer plenty of perfumes mini samples/decants so... 


With so many alternatives, from expensive to cheap, strong to mild, attracting... 

Testit Perfumes has rebottled, repackaged, and distributed all of the perfumes that are offered on their website. There is no relationship or affiliation between Testit Perfumes and the creators or owners of the designer fragrance brands.

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