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Parfums de Marly

Purchase does not include the original bottle. The original perfume is rebottled into smaller bottles by Testit LLC

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Pegasus by Parfums De Marly is not just a fragrance; it's an embodiment of grace and power. Designed for those who aspire to rise above the ordinary, Pegasus offers an olfactory journey that inspires and elevates. Imagine the freedom of flight and the nobility of a mythical steed captured in a bottle - this is the essence of Pegasus.

  • Gender: For men
  • Top Notes: Spicy-bergamot, sweet almond - a burst of uplifting energy and comforting warmth.
  • Heart Notes: Vanilla, jasmine - a harmonious blend evoking timeless elegance and inner serenity.
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, amber - a grounding finish, providing a sense of enduring connection and strength.
  • Inspiring Opening: The top notes inspire with a sense of awakening and possibility.
  • Soulful Heart: The heart notes resonate with the soul, reminding you of life's beauty and depth.
  • Comforting Finish: The base notes offer a reassuring embrace, anchoring you in strength and familiarity.

Pegasus by Parfums De Marly is more than a fragrance – it's a symbol of aspiration, a reminder of your own grace and power, and a token of timeless elegance.


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Customer Reviews

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Abdulrahman bonia
Great perfume

I heard a lot about this perfume in different places such as tiktok, and it actually live up to the hype. The smell is awesome and the packing is unique and elegant .