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Oud for greatness

Oud for greatness

Initio Parfums

Purchase does not include the original bottle. The original perfume is rebottled into smaller bottles by Testit LLC

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The idea behind Oud For Greatness is called "sacred geometry," and it is based on the idea that certain symbols and motifs, such as the sacred scent of oud, are so potent and holy that they are endowed with connections to the entire universe that transcend the physical plane and align those who smell them with the vibrations of the cosmos. Consequently, inhaling the genuine aroma of oud is a tonic for good mental, emotional, and spiritual health.With Oud For Greatness, Initio taps into that untapped wellspring of strength and offers a bright, sensual, and profoundly spicy fragrance that is completely infused with oud. It is a highly concentrated mixture of pure, natural agarwood oil and natural oud wood. This precious substance's dark, spicy, sweet, and smoky features come together in this rich accord to create an impossible-to-comprehend elixir that is energizing and reflective, narcotic and seductive. Rich saffron and nutmeg combination adds a further rush of delicious spice, and vibrant lavender pushes the perfume in the direction of the seductive and masculine—though, make no mistake, this scent is devastatingly sexy on both men and women.We don't know how else to describe Oud For Greatness; we suppose a perfume this attuned to the hidden patterns of the world ought to smell this outright incredible. While it may seem inaccurate to say that a fragrance offers something for everyone, we don't know how else to describe Oud For Greatness.

Oud for Greatness Fragrance NotesLavender, Saffron, Nutmeg, Natural Oud Wood, Natural Agarwood oil, Patchouli, Muscs

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