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Layton Exclusif

Layton Exclusif

Parfums de Marly

Purchase does not include the original bottle. The original perfume is rebottled into smaller bottles by Testit LLC

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We must admit that we were a little perplexed when we first learned that Parfums de Marly had created a new version of their cult favorite Layton. How could they possibly top the fruity, spicy, gloriously lively luxuriousness of this ode to the splendor of Versailles? We're happy to report that this is no ordinary flanker now that we have it in our hands. Instead, Marly has completely rebuilt Layton, delivering a companion piece to the fresh, sporty original that surrounds the signature blend of fruits and spices with deep, animalic woods and resins for a darkly seductive experience, perhaps inspired by Marie Antoinette's extensive remodeling of the palace and grounds in the 18th century.
Layton Exclusif adds a fresh depth of sensuality with a hefty amount of civet that hums across the lush floral heart. Additionally, a resinous amber and a seductively potent coffee note are added to the already lavish vanilla and woods foundation to arouse the senses and intensify sensuality. Does Layton Exclusif succeed our cherished Layton? It's not supposed to. Instead, we imagine the two as the ideal couple: Layton, the gentleman's ideal partner for a day of royal festivities, and Layton Exclusif, a seductively dangerous secret weapon for the evening hours.


Bergamot, mandarin, water accord, grapefruit, rose, geranium, waterlily, gardenia, civet, cardamom, sandalwood, gaiac, amber, pink pepper, vanilla, coffee, musk

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