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Parfums de Marly

Purchase does not include the original bottle. The original perfume is rebottled into smaller bottles by Testit LLC

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Carlisle is a highly spicy, gourmand-inflected oriental that is exclusively for the brave and was named after a magnificent English steed from the 17th century. Carlisle immediately distinguishes itself from even Marly's other wonderful gourmands with a grounded, sophisticated earthiness evident from the very first sniff. This is less of an indulgent dessert pudding and more of the aromas of a grand ballroom soiree in full swing, mouthwatering treats mixed with well-groomed aristocracy, elaborate decor, and the general mood of revelry. The flavor profile begins with a colorful burst of juicy, tart green apple spiked with fiery . Warm, smooth tonka bean and creamy osmanthus are revealed in the richer-yet-yet heart together with softly bitter davana and sweet rose. This is followed by a real patchouli note that doesn't hold back on the earthiness. The good news is that alongside the earthy patchouli, a gently emerging vein of creamy vanilla and sweet opoponax resinoid are just as enticingly beguiling as they are in Marly's past masterpieces, so fans of Herod and Oajan need not fear, either. The glow is enough to make you believe you are a member of royalty as they all come to an enduring harmony in Carlisle's final moments.


Green apple, saffron, nutmeg, tonka bean, osmanthus, davana, rose, patchouli, vanilla, opoponax
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