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Bohemian Lime

Bohemian Lime

Goldfield & Banks

Purchase does not include the original bottle. The original perfume is rebottled into smaller bottles by Testit LLC

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As one of the easternmost points on the Australian mainland, the gorgeous beaches of Byron Bay are known as the place where Australia first meets the daily sun. It's also home to the Australian finger lime, a small, multicolored citrus fruit treasured for its potently tangy flavor and unique appearance. While the finger lime has long been a lucrative culinary crop, its distinctive citrus character and rich, fragrant oil has never been utilized in perfumery- until now. Featuring invigorating, sun-drenched finger lime as the focal point of a robustly fresh and spicy masculine, Goldfield & Banks has once again delivered a summer scent as strikingly unique as it is easy to love.

The very first spray of Bohemian Lime shows what makes the finger lime distinct- simultaneously sweet and brightly tart, with rich fruity tones and an electric aromatic undercurrent that plays beautifully off notes of Italian bergamot and coriander. Even as the intensity mellows, it does so with the warming glow of sunset, grounding the composition in woodsy vetiver and gentle, soothing sandalwood- a summertime delight from beginning to end. Carefree yet vibrant, Bohemian Lime is another instant classic fresh scent from Goldfield & Banks.

Notes: Australian finger lime, bergamot, coriander, Atlas cedar, vetiver, Australian sandalwood

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